Café conciencia

Raising awareness about relevant topics for our generation

Throughout the year, we hold events to discuss relevant issues for our generation. We often hold forums, round-table conversations and panels that foster networking and learning about issues that were previously unknown to our audience. Our main two brands for events are:


Café Conciencia- Café Conciencia gathers students young professionals and  the general public to discuss relevant topics at a local and global level. Events take place recurrently throughout the year in local commerces or NGO facilities to foster the local economy.


Creando Enlaces- Two to three times per year, we gather young and senior professionals to talk about the experience of working in their field, and how to create social impact within their careers. These events foster networking between professionals and entry-level peers who can learn from each other.

167 Ave. Juan Ponce De León, San Juan, PR 00917 

PO BOX 30518, San Juan, PR 00929

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