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To mend the breach in civic engagement in Puerto Rico MPA has crated 3 programs geared towards increasing college students and young professionals in social initiatives. 

The main goal of our programs is to provide the necessary skills and experience to develop conscience, sensible and effective leaders who work towards a fair, inclusive, and engaged society.  

Programas de Acción Cívica

Conciencia Social


Proyecto Social


Social Action Internship Fellowship for university students and recent graduates from institutions in Puerto Rico and the diaspora. Participants complete awareness modules, field trips and professional internships while building an Agents of Change Community.


Project that aspires to unify the will of college students and young professionals to generate solutions to the challenges that our country faces. There are labs in which participants can brainstorm, analyze, and develop solutions to attend the problems of their topic of interest.   

Minds for Change

Safe and inclusive space for the development of skills in high school students. We strive to encourage the youth to keep expanding their education while becoming agents of change.

167 Ave. Juan Ponce De León, San Juan, PR 00917 

PO BOX 30518, San Juan, PR 00929

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