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#En Acción

En Acción is a program directed at university students and professionals who aim towards creating solutions to the challenges we face as a country. 

In this particular moment in history that we are positioned in, the organization has given itself the task to place the MPAeños and collaborators in constant dialogue. This serves as encouragement for the development of proposals  regarding urgent matters for the generations to come.


The Elections laboratory is dedicated to the growing youth movement in Puerto Rico and has worked to raise awareness of the effects voting has on the island. It has set in motion discussions centered around the platforms of the diverse candidates in the upcoming elections. Their work includes:

• Advocating for a transparent electoral process and providing accesible education for potential voters.

• Action as a means of change.

• Promoting citizen participation.


The Environmental laboratory aims to tackle the lack of environmental education in the effort to raise awareness of the importance taking measures has to reduce pollution. It has worked on the following aspects:
• Reducing waste in Puerto Rico by integrating the concept of zero waste in MPA events.
• Developing environmental lobbying workshops.
• Advocating for the reduction of consumption patterns.
• Promoting the continued development of recyclable and compostable materials so as to prevent them from ending up in landfills. 


The Gender-based Violence laboratory aims to move towards significant changes that promote equity and social empathy using education as an important aspect in laying the foundation on gender perspective, equity and empathy for others. It has worked on the following aspects:

• Join the efforts into establishing a state of emergency in Puerto Rico for gender-based violence.

• Seek greater visibility and advocacy for the rights of the LGBTTQI+ community

• Fighting for free and accessible abortion and accessibility to sexual and reproductive health

• Advocating an education with a gender perspective.


The laboratory of Labor Scene has raised awareness of the challenges young people are facing in the workplace and has worked on the development of proposals to mitigate them. It hasalso addressed the importance of preparing young people to enter the world of work as employees or entrepreneurs. It has worked on the following aspects:

• A holistic and inclusive education.

• The right to an accessible internet in the digital age.

• Spaces to promote business development.

• Strengthen incentives related to first employment.


For more information, please contact Carolina Mejias,

 En Acción 2020 Director

at (939)-881-5722 or by email 

167 Ave. Juan Ponce De León, San Juan, PR 00917 

PO BOX 30518, San Juan, PR 00929

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