#EnAcción is a community outreach program for young professionals committed with local communities’ empowerment and development. Throughout the year, we engage groups in community work.


The fellowship

The #EnAcción community fellows work on a social project that accelerates a social initiative within the selected population. These projects are supervised directly by community leaders or NGOs that foster a community’s self-sustainability.

The fellowship raises awareness about social, economic and environmental issues surrounding communities in Puerto Rico, prepares young professionals for community work, and builds a network of like-minded peers.

  • Mangrove reforestation project to mitigate flooding incidences at the Juana Matos community in Cataño, alongside Caras con Causa. 

  • Ecologic recuperation of an ecological unit through the planting of 750,000 native trees in the natural areas protected by Para La naturaleza. 

  • Ensambling of Solar Oasis for communities without electricity by the Instituto Nacional de Energía y Sostenibilidad Isleña (INESI)

  • Aid the Villas del Sol community to establish a hidroponic garden managed by community members to increase food security in the community. 


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